Volunteer Reentry Mentoring Program

Thank you for your interest in The IF Project’s Reentry Mentoring Program! The IF Project will open our next cohort application process in summer of 2018! Please check back for updates. 

For more information, please contact Amber Flame at amber@theifproject.com. 


  • Mentors will be mentoring women before and after their release from the Washington Corrections Center For Women (WCCW) in Gig Harbor.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be matched within Pierce and King Counties only. Mentors and Mentees will fill out a questionnaire and meet as a group to heighten the effectiveness of the matching process.
  • Once matched, Mentors and Mentees will meet (in person) once a month, and connect by telephone or e-mail once a week.

Based on the Mentee’s goals and interests, a Mentor and Mentee will create and follow through on a plan for the Mentee that includes:

  • Education and/or job training
  • Access to housing and all basic life and wellness needs
  • Counseling program information as needed
  • A connection to someone on the outside who believes in their ability to succeed


  • We are striving for the level of success and establishment of a focused trajectory for the Mentees, as they experience reentry, that requires a two year long commitment from the Mentors.
  • We will provide comprehensive program training, including visits to the prison and a prison tour.
  • Mentors will have monthly update e-mail exchanges with the Program Manager to inform of reentry plan status/progress and receive answers to any questions regarding the program.
  • Mentors must consent to a background check-state and federal.

People of color, people with disabilities, women, veterans and LGBTIQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested please contact Kristen Morgan.

I’m not sure if resilience is ever achieved alone. Experience allows us to learn from example. But if we have someone who loves us—I don’t mean who indulges us, but who loves us enough to be on our side—then it’s easier to grow resilience, to grow belief in self, to grow self-esteem. And it’s self-esteem that allows a person to stand up.  -Maya Angelou