Dec 6 2011


Today’s blog comes to us from Angela Vargas, who was just released after serving nearly 10 years in prison… Freedom…  Wow I realize that it is a lot more complicated than anyone could ever imagine. I sit here and contemplate on my freedom quite often, and sometimes it’s easy to see why a lot of…

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Sep 27 2011

Prison Time

Today’s post comes to us from Jesa,  a young women whose mother is incarcerated at WCCW. The first piece is Jesa’s perspective of how her mother feels about being incarcerated and the affect it has had on her and her daughter. I never planned on ending up here sitting in an 8×10 concrete cell with…

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Jun 6 2011

Letter To My Father

In Loving Memory of Ronald Philip “Hub” Morgan Sr My Daddy  You tried to rescue me, to salvage a broken and lost teenage girl. You were always telling me to “go to school ,go to school ,go to school” I remember sailing on your small sailboat , and stereo was on…

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Nov 11 2010

Changing lives

Today’s blog comes to us from Tiffany Doll- We went and spoke at Mission Creek Correctional Center for Women last Saturday on behalf of “The If Project”. This is my third time speaking since I was released from prison in April on behalf of the project. I am almost speechless at the gift this project…

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Oct 21 2010


Today’s blog comes to us from Cecily Hawkins. This was a speech she gave when she graduated from the horticulture program at the Washington Correction Center for Women. At my sentencing, I was asked the question “What obstacles if any have contributed to my criminal lifestyle?” I quickly answered the lack of higher education…remarkably vocational…

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