Mar 16 2015

Musings from the Writing Workshop at WCCW By Rachel M. Fiala

Writing with the women at WCCW provides me with innumerable lessons and insights into my own life. Each time I drive to the facility, I am reminded that within only a few hours I will drive home again. On my way home I may stop for something to eat if I am hungry, go by…

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Mar 13 2015

International Focus: Bringing The IF Project to the Karachi Jail in Pakistan By Laila Pathan

The first thing we talked about at the Karachi Jail was the importance of symbolism in art. I was in a waiting room with two of the art teachers at the jail, one of whom is a colleague of my aunt’s, and hence my way into the jail. Even after I was escorted into the…

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Sep 13 2014

IF Writing Workshop at WCCW

Amber Flame and Rachel Fiala put on an incredible writing workshop at the Washington Women’s Prison today. Below are writing excerpts from the participants….* Prison as my Reality. Really? Is this my life? Is this all that I am worth? I felt like I was fighting so hard out there…fighting for life, for love, for…

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Aug 25 2014

The IF Project Volunteer Mentor Program

An interview with Anika Moran and Leslie Sites Anika Moran is volunteer mentor in the IF Project’s Reentry program. She is an avid gardener and works at Mother Earth Farm, an organic farm run by the Emergency Food Network that supplies fresh produce to Pierce County food banks and hot meal sites. Leslie Sites was…

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Jul 24 2014

Interview with IF Team Member Gina McConnell-Otten

Our IF Project Team of Speakers is a group of formally incarcerated men and women who share their own individual and poignant stories of loss and gain, pain and recovery, incarceration and freedom. The team is made up of residents of Washington State who are former inmates of Washington State Department of Corrections facilities. Gina

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