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The If Project Documentary trailer

The IF Project Documentary Trailer from Kathlyn Horan on Vimeo.

Us versus Them | Kim Bogucki | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue

Detective Kim Bogucki, a 27-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department and co-founder of the IF Project, shares her personal views on why all of us – community residents and law enforcement officials – must shed our fears, biases, and labels and change from “Us Versus Them” to “We.”

Tedx Talk at Monroe Correctional Complex

“The Value of the Voices Behind Prison Walls”
Kim Bogucki, IF co-founder, gives Tedx Talk at Monroe Correctional Complex:

Honey Herman, IF Project Manager, gives Tedx Talk at Monroe Correctional Complex:

iHeart Media Interview – Jan 2015

Det Terese Carroll from Tacoma PD and Det Kim Bogucki were interviewed about The IF Project.


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